Dickson Elementary School
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Long long time ago in a time not so far away....
Dickson Elementary School : Kingsport Tennessee

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DICKSON ELEMENTARY Classes 1966 : Click picture to enlarge

1966 1st Grade

1966 2nd Grade

1966 3rd Grade

1966 4th Grade

1966 5th Grade

1966 6th Grade

1st Row: Teresa Dawson, Robert Snapp, Randal Shumake, Andy Boye, Chuck Sumner, Keith Kilgore, Roger McDonald, Jerry Buckley, Tony Tilson, Gary Beals
2nd Row: Mr. Elmer Smith, Janice Jarvis, Judy Hunt, Terry Moody, Claudet Price, Dianna Bookr, Celeste Spragg, Martha Hall, Terry Joesph, Patty Austin
3rd Row: Frances Cottrell, Randy Taylor, Jerry Hatfield, Debbie Robinson, Mary Lou Willis, Sherry Whitson, Steve Shipley, Eddie Seals, Keith Woodham, Angie Aspie, Lois Sams
1966 6th Grade

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