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Long long time ago in a time not so far away....
Dickson Elementary School : Kingsport Tennessee

Dickson Elementary School Principal Office Clock

Dickson Elementary School under steps

The filing system in the office was set up temporarily in cardboard boxes. The first school checks were inscripted with the quote: "Tis education forms the common mind; just as the twig is bent the tree is inclined." by Alexander Pope.
Breaking with Kingsport tradition of naming elementary schools after presidents, Dickson retained it name. Members of the community had great respect for John Dickson. He had worked faithfully to get the school. He had pushed the sale of bonds and donated the land, which had been in the family since 1888. The wishes and feelings of community members were honored.
When the school closed in 1983, it became Dickson Center and has housed United Way offices and facilities. Other tenants have been the Kingsport Nursery and Sunny Brook Nursery which provided developmental services for about 100 pre-school children. Soccer use was made of the gym and Meals on Wheels operated in the kitchen area. The volunteer office was also located there and the Big Brother Big Sister facility. A church used the building until moving in 2010.
Kingsport BOE reviews potential Central Office sites : By Rick Wagner : Old Dickson School, 1701 Virginia Ave., off Center Street. Sam Easley, owner and developer, proposed the building that West said housed Head Start. West said it offers parking, including some gravel parking to be paved, and would have a loading dock possible. Again, it is about 27,000 square feet on the first floor. West said it probably needs the most work, with HVAC, windows and roof to be replaced. - Kingsport Times News July 4, 2010
Over the years city schools have been blessed with clinics staffed by voluteer mothers. In 1966 a clinic set up at Dickson was the first ot be staffed by volunteers trained by the American Red Cross. Mrs. Henry Gober served as the first unit chairman for Dickson. Later, she was elected to become a member of the Board of Directors for the local chapter of the American Red Cross. Through this community service, she was instrumental in helping other city schools operate clinis which met American Red Cross Standards.

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