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Long long time ago in a time not so far away....
Dickson Elementary School : Kingsport Tennessee

Dickson Elementary School Principal Art Jim Lane
Mr. Lane Art Teacher

Dickson Elementary School Choir Mrs Akard
Mrs. Akard Choir and Ensemble
DICKSON ELEMENTARY : Renovation part 2 being updated...

Throughout the years of this library's use, mothers assisted in many ways. So did many students.
This renovation provided a wonderful music room and an art room, with study carrels, bulletin boards, chalk boards and storage space.
Music teachers throughout the twenty years were diligent workers also. Many outstanding programs were presented. The Dickson faculty was quite a cohesive group. Classroom teachers were very supportive of music and art teachers. They could depend on one another. This was also true of custodians and the personnel in the lunch room area.
Jim Lane brought his many artistic skills to the students. He added a clay kiln so students could 'make and bake' their clay pieces. What would the school plays been without Mr. Lane's art leadership? Jim Lane was also a musician that amazed the children, who told their parents, "Mr. Lane made a record!" (ed. Jim Lane continues his music with : KidsOurAgeBand.com)
Margaret Akard, who worked with the older students, organized a chorus of fifty voices. She later formed an Ensemble Group (12-16) of the top singers in the chorus. This group performed all three-part music with instruments, props and constumes. She also taught violin classes when Kingsport initiated a Childrens's Symphony Orchestra in the elementary schools. Music teachers in the primary grades also carried on many outstanding activities, often correlated with classroom and library programs.

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